ProCo Episode 43: E(at)Sports - Hurl!

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and in a world where a man’s word is more important than almost anything else, sacrifices must be made to preserve what little canon has already been established in 43 short episodes. This week, The Contestants find no other option than to stare down the barrel of Franks n’ Beans and Creamed Corn in order to stomach the nauseating game show, Hurl!

Zach is dependent on arugula, Jared takes one for the team when forced to confront his established super power, and Adam puts a friend of the show on blast in order to form a plan.

Talking Points Include: A Sad Story, Sudden Barf, Diarrhea Strats, Ripley’s Choice, World’s Best Job, Professional Eaters’ League, Eat Magic, Intestinal Support Dog, No More Showers, The Bear Affair

ProCo Episode 42: Pat Sajak's Nasty Week - Wheel of Fortune

The puzzle board has started making lewd references and Pat Sajak directed a knowing wink at the camera. This can only mean one thing… Nasty Week has begun! But is this good news for The Contestants? Listen to find out as previously undiscovered areas are revealed in Wheel of Fortune!

Zach would like to buy an owl, Jared can’t remember the name Vanna, and Adam knows a real life Wheel of Fortune contestant.

Talking Points Include: Buying an Owl, Sajak No Swiping, Banana White, Game Show Host Wage Gap, Contract Law, Designated Spinners, Framing a Murder, Penis Town USA, Ouija Wheel, Merv Griffin’s Ghost

ProCo Episode 41: What Isn't in the Box? - Who Wants to be Governor of California: The Debating Game

What’s in the box? It can be anything you want. It is simultaneously everything, and yet nothing. And if you vote for The Contestants in the California gubernatorial recall election that we all know is coming, you may just find out what’s inside… that is as soon as we make off with the winnings from Who Wants to be Governor of California: The Debating Game.

Zach pictures a cardboard box, Jared pictures an ornate box, and Adam pictures a shipping box.

Talking Points Include: County Executive Beetle, California’s Wild 2003 Gubernatorial Recall Election, Tax Deductible Lap Dances, Accidental Governors, Finding A Schtick, Mayor Eastwood, The Dank Meme Party, Box Jealousy, Box Brad Pitt, Being in the Box, Coming Out of the Box

ProCo Episode 40: Weekend at Walberg's - The Moment of Truth

Lets start this just by saying that we’re sorry. Not only has this episode come to you a day late, but The Contestants are stepping up to, without a doubt, the worst game show they’ve confronted to date. They are going to have to have some calm nerves, a lot of turkey, and inspiration from a classic film in order to make it through The Moment of Truth.

Zach creates the very serious word “smig”, Jared is not Dracula, and Adam is concerned about being considered slippery.

Talking Points Include: Ghost Intimacy, Mail Song Competition, Actual Ass, Maury Game Show, Government Intervention, Cheating a Polygraph, Slippy Bois, Employing Dracula, Turkey Coma, Library Ventriloquism

ProCo Episode 39: Little Orphan Jigsaw - Saw

Happy Snake Day! As we reach the end of the Snake With Big Teeth season, there is only one horror game (show) that is insane enough to be worthy of sending off our favorite holiday. The Contestants are looking to inspire a change of heart in the trap man himself as we take on the 2004 cult classic, Saw.

Zach is dedicated to cleaning the bathroom, Jared does a great impression of waking up in a dirty bathroom, and Adam insists that The Winter Warlock is pertinent to the current situation.

Talking Points Include: Snake Day Celebrations, Dirty Dirty Bathrooms, Insomnia Bin Laden, Return of Three Sweet Boys, Huffy Trikes, Laser Tooth, Winter Warlock Arthritis, One Star Airbnb, The Suit of Armor, Escape Room Bonding, Free Form Bit Time

ProCo Episode 38: Flip This Haunted House - Secrets of the Cryptkeeper's Haunted House

They say that the enemy of our enemy is our friend. But what if the enemy of our enemy is also our enemy? And what if those two enemies are The Cryptkeeper and a bunch of 90’s kids? The Contestants are dealing with some tough decisions as they try to make heads or tails of the confusing Saturday morning game show, Secrets of the Cryptkeeper’s Haunted House.

Zach Just wants to have fun, Jared struggles to keep Elroy in the box, and Adam is convinced The Cryptkeeper is a Sith Lord.

Talking Points Include: Snake Day Costumes, 1990’s CGI, Eggle, The Cryptkeeper’s Relationship Status, And Old School Classic Best Buy Sith Lord Situation, Egg Delivery, Universal Studios Stand Your Ground Laws, Elroy, Bad Secrets, Extreme Makeover: Haunted House Edition

ProCo Episode 37: Sauce Boss feat. Ludacris - Fear Factor

Sauce: The Universal Tool. Listen as The Contestants employ the use of sauce by any definition to pull a Parent Trap and ultimately emerge victorious on the anxiety ridden gross out game show Fear Factor.

Zach blacks out and rants about G. Gordon Liddy, Jared reveals his early game show experience, and Adam makes some extreme sweet and sour claims.

Talking Points Include: Thriller Tech, The Candy Man, Kid Rodney, The G. Gordon Liddy Saga, Sweet and Sour Allegations, Naked Hot Wings, Sauce Sabotage, Catfishing Luda

ProCo Episode 36: Vacuum Is Hands - Estate of Panic

As ProCo’s A Snake With Big Teeth Month™ continues, The Contestants find themselves drawing inspiration from a classic video game to devise a contraption capable of sifting through unpleasantness and targeting some filthy money. Three vacuums, three boys, and one real big set of clothes are about to take on Estate of Panic.

Adam is ass, Jared is left arm, Zach is everything else.

Talking Points Include: A Snake With Big Teeth, Trashy Easter Egg Hunt, Crotch Money, Lots of Pockets, Our Weaknesses, The Three Vacuum Strat, Luigi Tech, Edward Vacuum Hands, Fake Money, Transformer Apartment, Ass Vacuum