The Chamber

ProCo Episode 34: The Tommy Bahama Fund for Landlocked Orphans - The Chamber

Okay folks, this one is actually a little scary. I mean, someone was hospitalized after this game show once. So The Contestants are going to do what anyone would do when facing their fears, make Charlie Sheen do it instead! Get ready to see him enter The Chamber!

Zach refuses to acknowledge torture fetish, Jared is concerned for the safety of Martin Sheen, and Adam forces the others to take a very bad test.

Talking Points Include: Pepper Jackfruit Skeleton, Mosquito Mode, Fair-weather Contestants, Defining Fetish, Finding Our Stress Quotients, Defining Torture, Game Show Lawyers, The Celebrity Chamber, Smash Mouth Mode, The Charlie Sheen Venn Diagram, Releasing The Bees