Summer of Summers

ProCo Episode 21: Ah! Real Ghosts ;) - Couch Potatoes

As the Summer of Summers comes to a close, the Contestants decide to pursue a moral victory to earn the forgiveness and respect of their good friend Marc. That lasts about 20 minutes and they decide to dress up as ghosts instead.  

Zach provides the score, Jared works the fan base, and Adam does a good.

Talking Points Include: Adam's Last Stand, The Fan Base, Pigeon Babies, DUNKED, Mr. Alaski's One-Man Show, The Summers' Canon, ;), AH! REAL GHOSTS!, The Chimp Returns, Zach Is The World

ProCo Episode 20: The Resistible Rise of Marc Summers - What Would You Do

The Contestants suddenly find themselves in a very real position to organize a coup against the President of Nickelodeon.

Zach really wants some apple pie, Jared is concerned about the type of audience What Would You Do could attract, and Adam stumbles onto some vital information that changes everything.

Talking Points Include: A New Wipeout, Pie Eventually, Coaster Poems, The Nickelodeon Tyranny, Kids Choice Elections, Facilitating the Messy, 500 Days of Summers, Zach's Very Good Dr. Phil Impression, Nickelodeon Political Puns, A Running Primate

ProCo Episode 19: Definitely Not Chris Hansen - Double Dare

The Contestants have to tread lightly as they debate the best way to be accepted onto a game show that only admits child contestants: Double Dare.

Zach takes on the role of a single dad / spin doctor, Jared ponders the legality of being a little boy, and Adam worries about how many times Jared has said 'Little Boy.'

Talking Points Include: National Doughnut Day, Sneaky Emails, Y2K Logic, Origin of Slime, Busch Gardens, Cousin Griffin, Perfect Innocence, The Hardships of a Single Parent Household, Double Disguises, One Inch Stilts, Gym Scooters

ProCo Episode 18: The Summer of Summers - Cram

The Contestants are proud to announce their very first holiday: a season-long celebration of  game show host and producer Marc Summers. To kick this party off right they discuss a game show that Marc Summers only hosted once, and a show that may or may not break the rules of the Geneva Convention.

Zach slaps the bass, Jared investigates war crimes, and Adam gives credit and takes it away.

Talking Points Include: The Living is Easy, The Summer of Summers, Pause this Episode, The Rules of Cram, War Crime?, The ~Strangest~ Things, Marc Summers Did a Cuss, A Good Property Brothers Bit, The Importance of the Audience, A Half-Formed Idea, Jared's Ex-Girlfriend, A Rabbit Hole