ProCo Episode 38: Flip This Haunted House - Secrets of the Cryptkeeper's Haunted House

They say that the enemy of our enemy is our friend. But what if the enemy of our enemy is also our enemy? And what if those two enemies are The Cryptkeeper and a bunch of 90’s kids? The Contestants are dealing with some tough decisions as they try to make heads or tails of the confusing Saturday morning game show, Secrets of the Cryptkeeper’s Haunted House.

Zach Just wants to have fun, Jared struggles to keep Elroy in the box, and Adam is convinced The Cryptkeeper is a Sith Lord.

Talking Points Include: Snake Day Costumes, 1990’s CGI, Eggle, The Cryptkeeper’s Relationship Status, And Old School Classic Best Buy Sith Lord Situation, Egg Delivery, Universal Studios Stand Your Ground Laws, Elroy, Bad Secrets, Extreme Makeover: Haunted House Edition

ProCo Episode 37: Sauce Boss feat. Ludacris - Fear Factor

Sauce: The Universal Tool. Listen as The Contestants employ the use of sauce by any definition to pull a Parent Trap and ultimately emerge victorious on the anxiety ridden gross out game show Fear Factor.

Zach blacks out and rants about G. Gordon Liddy, Jared reveals his early game show experience, and Adam makes some extreme sweet and sour claims.

Talking Points Include: Thriller Tech, The Candy Man, Kid Rodney, The G. Gordon Liddy Saga, Sweet and Sour Allegations, Naked Hot Wings, Sauce Sabotage, Catfishing Luda

ProCo Episode 15: Sugar and Spice and Aint' Nothin' Nice - Pyramid

Being very comfortable around the game Catchphrase, The Contestants find themselves in familiar territory when planning how to take on the similarly played and long running game show, Pyramid.

Zach somehow Googles despite having no WiFi, Jared receives an impromptu graduation ceremony, and Adam's secret pigeon roommate is revealed.

Talking Points Include: Jared's Private Grad Ceremony, The Return of Second Chance Jokes, Knowing a Real Contestant, Snoop Appearance, The Game Show Host Legion of Doom, Shark Jumpers, Three Sweet Boys, The Ghost of Barbara Bush, Spooky Pigeon

ProCo Episode 13: It's About More Than Just The Bud, Man - Snoop Dogg Presents The Joker's Wild

On this special 4/20 episode The Contestants are competing on The Joker's Wild, and it's about more than just the bud; it's about meaningful relationships.

Zach has a hard time opening up, Jared just wants to brunch with Snoop, and Adam realizes that the universe is made of love.

Talking Points Include: The Mount Rushmore of Weed, Second Chance Jokes, Vapes and Yu-Gi-Oh, The Bud Man, Bram Toker, Snoop Compatibility Test, Learning to Be Ourselves, What is Cool?, Guy Fieri Watch, Plumber Roast, Opening Up Emotionally

ProCo Episode 03: Candy Crush Cruz - Candy Crush

The Contestants decide that it's time for some charity work and are gonna do this one for the kids... and Mario Lopez.

Talking points include: Zach's Closet Recording Set-Up, Groundhog Supreme Court, Mario's Candy Prison, A Lack of Role Models, Jelly Sabotage, Mascot Personal Lives, Bubble Gum Troll's Secret to Happiness, Ted Cruz's Gaming Habits