Price is Right

ProCo Episode 22: Cracking The Peace Nut - The Price is Right: Summer Beach Party

Crack open a Bud Light Orange, lay out in the sun, and join The Contestants for this first official episode of summer. While brainstorming the best way to fix the underwhelming dud that was this year's Price is Right Summer Special, The Contestants find themselves in the perfect position to organize the largest party of all time and finally bring about world peace.

Zach must have watched Don't Mess With The Zohan recently, Jared commits a mustache sin, and Adam debates his official DJ name.

Talking Points Include: A Summer Dud, Eviscerate the Pigeon, Beach Flavored La Croix, Live from SeaWorld, Orca Whale Showcase, 3x3 Private Island, Sea Rats, Tug Boat Puns, The World's Biggest Beach Party, Solving World Peace, Air SeaNSea, Mediterranean Sea Reviews