ProCo Episode 24: Plan B - Best Bits Ep. 1-7

The Contestants are all really busy, alright! Get off their backs! Check out this highlight reel from some of our earliest episodes.

Zach doesn't really know much about audio editing, Jared has an hour commute in the mornings, and Adam never gets off work before 9:00 PM.

Talking Points Include: The Price is Right, Deal or No Deal, Candy Crush, Hollywood Squares, 2018 Winter Olympics, HQ, Family Feud

ProCo Episode 03: Candy Crush Cruz - Candy Crush

The Contestants decide that it's time for some charity work and are gonna do this one for the kids... and Mario Lopez.

Talking points include: Zach's Closet Recording Set-Up, Groundhog Supreme Court, Mario's Candy Prison, A Lack of Role Models, Jelly Sabotage, Mascot Personal Lives, Bubble Gum Troll's Secret to Happiness, Ted Cruz's Gaming Habits