Adam Decker

ProCo Episode 35: Clifford The Big Red Scare - Release The Hounds

Spooky times are upon us. The moon is full, the ghosts are on the loose, and the game shows are more absurd than ever. In an effort to better their chances of surviving in a square mile of Lithuanian forest beyond the rule of law, The Contestants prepare to organize an unusual strike and unionize the titular canines in the horror game show, Release The Hounds.

Zach is ready to get crunk, Jared just wants to punch, and Adam has a ghost in his room.

Talking Points Include: The Start of Pumpkin Days, Our Favorite Scares, Dog v Human Speed Test, Touching Legality, Being Cops, Being Naked, Dog Strike, Comrade Clifford, Jackhammer Roast, Zach’s Nose Plugs, Adam’s Speed, Jared’s Gun.

ProCo Episode 20: The Resistible Rise of Marc Summers - What Would You Do

The Contestants suddenly find themselves in a very real position to organize a coup against the President of Nickelodeon.

Zach really wants some apple pie, Jared is concerned about the type of audience What Would You Do could attract, and Adam stumbles onto some vital information that changes everything.

Talking Points Include: A New Wipeout, Pie Eventually, Coaster Poems, The Nickelodeon Tyranny, Kids Choice Elections, Facilitating the Messy, 500 Days of Summers, Zach's Very Good Dr. Phil Impression, Nickelodeon Political Puns, A Running Primate