ProCo Episode 36: Vacuum Is Hands - Estate of Panic

As ProCo’s A Snake With Big Teeth Month™ continues, The Contestants find themselves drawing inspiration from a classic video game to devise a contraption capable of sifting through unpleasantness and targeting some filthy money. Three vacuums, three boys, and one real big set of clothes are about to take on Estate of Panic.

Adam is ass, Jared is left arm, Zach is everything else.

Talking Points Include: A Snake With Big Teeth, Trashy Easter Egg Hunt, Crotch Money, Lots of Pockets, Our Weaknesses, The Three Vacuum Strat, Luigi Tech, Edward Vacuum Hands, Fake Money, Transformer Apartment, Ass Vacuum

ProCo Episode 35: Clifford The Big Red Scare - Release The Hounds

Spooky times are upon us. The moon is full, the ghosts are on the loose, and the game shows are more absurd than ever. In an effort to better their chances of surviving in a square mile of Lithuanian forest beyond the rule of law, The Contestants prepare to organize an unusual strike and unionize the titular canines in the horror game show, Release The Hounds.

Zach is ready to get crunk, Jared just wants to punch, and Adam has a ghost in his room.

Talking Points Include: The Start of Pumpkin Days, Our Favorite Scares, Dog v Human Speed Test, Touching Legality, Being Cops, Being Naked, Dog Strike, Comrade Clifford, Jackhammer Roast, Zach’s Nose Plugs, Adam’s Speed, Jared’s Gun.

ProCo Episode 34: The Tommy Bahama Fund for Landlocked Orphans - The Chamber

Okay folks, this one is actually a little scary. I mean, someone was hospitalized after this game show once. So The Contestants are going to do what anyone would do when facing their fears, make Charlie Sheen do it instead! Get ready to see him enter The Chamber!

Zach refuses to acknowledge torture fetish, Jared is concerned for the safety of Martin Sheen, and Adam forces the others to take a very bad test.

Talking Points Include: Pepper Jackfruit Skeleton, Mosquito Mode, Fair-weather Contestants, Defining Fetish, Finding Our Stress Quotients, Defining Torture, Game Show Lawyers, The Celebrity Chamber, Smash Mouth Mode, The Charlie Sheen Venn Diagram, Releasing The Bees

ProCo Episode 33: Universe University, Earth Campus - Paid Off

The Contestants set their sights for the stars with the decision to try their hand in the growing field of private space programs. This will apparently help them win the student loan focused game show, Paid Off.

Zach really wants to recreate Accepted, Jared is ready to wipe out student debt entirely, and Adam thinks no one will notice a billion dollar loan differential.

Talking Points Include: Zach's New Exciting Purchase, Tso Slacks, Burp Your Butt Off, Getting More Stupider, Shit Pigeons, Billion Dollar Money Laundering, One Room School House, Space School

ProCo Episode 32: Yes And So Hard - Treasure Hunters

Imagine if you will: you've traveled for miles and weeks, following treasure maps and solving clue after clue until you have finally arrived at your destination. You open the chest before you and inside is... nothing? That's right, we beat you to it! This week The Contestants decide to skip the busy work and go straight for their biggest payout to date as they take on the reality game show, Treasure Hunters.

Zach is hesitant to make fun of The Groundlings, Jared is revealed to be a human maraca, and Adam cultivates a new pirate persona.

Talking Points Include: A LOT About Pirates, 2006 Time Capsule, Two Truthies & A Falsie, Human Maraca, Robot Host, Watching National Treasure in its Entirety, Our Dad Laird, California USA, Infiltrating The Groundlings, Yes And Oath, The Worst Improv Show Ever, The Best Improv Show Ever

ProCo Episode 31: The Six Million Dollar Trebek - Jeopardy!

It's the big one folks. Jeopardy! You asked for it, and we avoided talking about it directly by almost exclusively discussing the logistic morality behind turning Alex Trebek into a robot. The Contestants are looking to ensure the future of Jeopardy! for years to come.

Zach proposes a Trebek blender, Jared proposes a Trebek hologram, Adam proposes a Trebek cyborg.

Talking Points Include: Our Belated Six Month Anniversary, A Self-Reflective Survey, Game Show Big Poppa, Possible Jeopardy! Host Replacements, Ridiculous Wikipedia Quiz, Building a Better Trebek, Perma-Stache, Perma-Dong, IBM Artificial Intelligence, Cyborg Pros and Cons, A Game Show Hosting Blender 

ProCo Episode 30: There’s Only One Thing Wrong with the Bubble Gum Plan – Russian Roulette

You know us: the three toughest guys around. Angsty, shredded, and rearin’ for a tussle. Too bad a game show named Russian Roulette that is literally hosted by Mark Walberg can’t match our level of tough. Cause we came here to do two things: kick ass and chew bubble gum. And we got 400 pieces of bubble gum.

Zach’s into trampolines, Jared learns how to tell a joke, and Adam fights for some gum.

Talking Points Include: The House is Full, The First Segment for a While, Matthew-Matthew and the Groovy Group, My Myrtle Beach went to a Grandma, Sweet on the Outside, Hardcore Contestants, Literally a Seven Minute Long Conversation About Gum

ProCo Episode 29: Gloves on his Hands, Shoes on his Feet – Ultimate Beastmaster

Attention Netflix! Your giant obstacle course is now the legal property of the Sovereign Nation of Shoe: the new country that is completely dedicated to Rocky Balboa. Don’t worry, nothing will change with Beastmaster and the game will stay perfectly fair (wink).

Zach creates an accent, Jared is stuck in a hole, and Adam FINALLY decides on a nickname.

Talking Points Include: The Comedy Hole, The BEAST, Inoffensive Accents, True Rocky Fans Only, Just Put a Sidewalk There, Totalitarian Government