ProCo Episode 51: Big Doodie Energy - Match Game

As we all know, having a good role model in life is essential when striving to become a Cool Dood, and when it comes to celebrities, there is no exception. But when there are so many Cool Doods out there, how can we ever be sure that everyone has been matched up with the right mentors? Enter The Contestants, who have solved this issue with one enormous awards show event! It is purely for the improvement of Hollywood’s up and coming Cool Doods. I promise it has nothing to do with the fact that Match Game is taping the same night. For real, stop asking.

Zach returns to the random celebrity generator, Jared is prepared to face difficulty head on, and Adam plays a celebrity mentorship matchmaker.

Talking Points Include: Jared’s Big Coat, Poo Horse, This Elevator Has No Shame, Neil Degrassi Tyson, Return of Our Enemies, Seniors’ Choice Awards, Big Doodie Little Doodie, A Walk Down Enemy Lane