ProCo Episode 32: Yes And So Hard - Treasure Hunters

Imagine if you will: you've traveled for miles and weeks, following treasure maps and solving clue after clue until you have finally arrived at your destination. You open the chest before you and inside is... nothing? That's right, we beat you to it! This week The Contestants decide to skip the busy work and go straight for their biggest payout to date as they take on the reality game show, Treasure Hunters.

Zach is hesitant to make fun of The Groundlings, Jared is revealed to be a human maraca, and Adam cultivates a new pirate persona.

Talking Points Include: A LOT About Pirates, 2006 Time Capsule, Two Truthies & A Falsie, Human Maraca, Robot Host, Watching National Treasure in its Entirety, Our Dad Laird, California USA, Infiltrating The Groundlings, Yes And Oath, The Worst Improv Show Ever, The Best Improv Show Ever