ProCo Episode 31: The Six Million Dollar Trebek - Jeopardy!

It's the big one folks. Jeopardy! You asked for it, and we avoided talking about it directly by almost exclusively discussing the logistic morality behind turning Alex Trebek into a robot. The Contestants are looking to ensure the future of Jeopardy! for years to come.

Zach proposes a Trebek blender, Jared proposes a Trebek hologram, Adam proposes a Trebek cyborg.

Talking Points Include: Our Belated Six Month Anniversary, A Self-Reflective Survey, Game Show Big Poppa, Possible Jeopardy! Host Replacements, Ridiculous Wikipedia Quiz, Building a Better Trebek, Perma-Stache, Perma-Dong, IBM Artificial Intelligence, Cyborg Pros and Cons, A Game Show Hosting Blender