ProCo Episode 30: There’s Only One Thing Wrong with the Bubble Gum Plan – Russian Roulette

You know us: the three toughest guys around. Angsty, shredded, and rearin’ for a tussle. Too bad a game show named Russian Roulette that is literally hosted by Mark Walberg can’t match our level of tough. Cause we came here to do two things: kick ass and chew bubble gum. And we got 400 pieces of bubble gum.

Zach’s into trampolines, Jared learns how to tell a joke, and Adam fights for some gum.

Talking Points Include: The House is Full, The First Segment for a While, Matthew-Matthew and the Groovy Group, My Myrtle Beach went to a Grandma, Sweet on the Outside, Hardcore Contestants, Literally a Seven Minute Long Conversation About Gum