ProCo Episode 45: The Rightful Master Earls of Baking - The Great American Baking Show

The Right Honorable Earls Professional Contestants are now present, and they’re about to bake you some Chocolate Pizza that will blow your mind! The Contestants are about to jump into a British baking show with an American title with the goal of becoming American citizens with British titles. Step aside you Brits! We’re taking back The Great American Baking Show!

Zach develops a foolproof baking catch-all, Jared drops some hot salad tips, and Adam really tries to push Electric Sleighs.

Talking Points Include: Sleigh Talk, Master Bakers, John Paul Bones Jones Bon Jovi, Sloppy Jolene, British Royal Titles, Chocolate Pizza, Citizen Fieri, Hollywood’s Halls of Hot Dogs