ProCo Episode 40: Weekend at Walberg's - The Moment of Truth

Lets start this just by saying that we’re sorry. Not only has this episode come to you a day late, but The Contestants are stepping up to, without a doubt, the worst game show they’ve confronted to date. They are going to have to have some calm nerves, a lot of turkey, and inspiration from a classic film in order to make it through The Moment of Truth.

Zach creates the very serious word “smig”, Jared is not Dracula, and Adam is concerned about being considered slippery.

Talking Points Include: Ghost Intimacy, Mail Song Competition, Actual Ass, Maury Game Show, Government Intervention, Cheating a Polygraph, Slippy Bois, Employing Dracula, Turkey Coma, Library Ventriloquism