ProCo Episode 43: E(at)Sports - Hurl!

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and in a world where a man’s word is more important than almost anything else, sacrifices must be made to preserve what little canon has already been established in 43 short episodes. This week, The Contestants find no other option than to stare down the barrel of Franks n’ Beans and Creamed Corn in order to stomach the nauseating game show, Hurl!

Zach is dependent on arugula, Jared takes one for the team when forced to confront his established super power, and Adam puts a friend of the show on blast in order to form a plan.

Talking Points Include: A Sad Story, Sudden Barf, Diarrhea Strats, Ripley’s Choice, World’s Best Job, Professional Eaters’ League, Eat Magic, Intestinal Support Dog, No More Showers, The Bear Affair