ProCo Episode 39: Little Orphan Jigsaw - Saw

Happy Snake Day! As we reach the end of the Snake With Big Teeth season, there is only one horror game (show) that is insane enough to be worthy of sending off our favorite holiday. The Contestants are looking to inspire a change of heart in the trap man himself as we take on the 2004 cult classic, Saw.

Zach is dedicated to cleaning the bathroom, Jared does a great impression of waking up in a dirty bathroom, and Adam insists that The Winter Warlock is pertinent to the current situation.

Talking Points Include: Snake Day Celebrations, Dirty Dirty Bathrooms, Insomnia Bin Laden, Return of Three Sweet Boys, Huffy Trikes, Laser Tooth, Winter Warlock Arthritis, One Star Airbnb, The Suit of Armor, Escape Room Bonding, Free Form Bit Time