Brackets Ep. 12: Thotronto

Did you ever wonder what it would sound like when five people argue about how they picture an eating utensil in five vastly different ways? Well now your dreams can come true! When adding two brand new Bracketologists to the mix, gophers are adopted, sex positions are created, and beef is most certainly NOT reheated in this hot, no holds barred episode of Brackets.

‘April Juuls Day’ vs ‘Gopher Trophies’

‘Bro-ing Out of the Closet’ vs ‘Cold Beef’

‘I’ll Take “Popular Prisons” for 600’ vs ‘Toucan Samuel’

Featuring: Sam Otter, KJ Snyder, Sara Dirks, Stephen Mackey, and Zach Decker

Host/Editor: Adam Decker

Mixer: Jared Smith