Brackets Ep. 13: Beetle Juicery, Beetle Juicery, Beetle Juicery

We think highly of our Bracketologists. We wouldn’t bring them into the studio to make these important decisions without the utmost confidence in their competency and intelligence. That being said, we can’t explain how these five people can’t piece together the plot of Beetlejuice! Regardless, grannies are idolized, syphilis is encouraged, and the role of pork is disputed in episode 13 of Brackets!

‘More Like The GRAPE Gatsby’ vs ‘Wham, Bam, Thank You Ham’

‘Syphil-YAS!’ vs ‘April Tools’

‘Alge-bruh’ vs ‘A Fuzzy Remote’

Featuring: Megan Gray, Liam Collier, Adam Levonian, Corinne Hastings, and Zach Decker

Host: Jared Smith

Mixer/Editor: Adam Decker