Brackets Ep. 11: There's More Than One Way to Tease a Mouth

This may be our most in sync group of Bracketologists to date, but that doesn’t exempt the episode from Brackets’ signature twists and turns. We are still doing the important work of answering questions like “How do gophers fit into the economy?”, “What might compose a lime’s one man show?”, and “Why would Biddies even want titties?” Make way for this large and in charge episode of Brackets!

‘Bananagram Split’ vs ‘Gophers? In This Economy?’

‘Llama Lia’ vs ‘A Slutty Orange’

‘Lulu Lemoncello’ vs ‘Make Way For The Meat Wagon!’

Featuring: Jake Rosko, Jenny McPherson, Caroline Hale, Adam Decker, and Zach Decker

Host/Mixer: Jared Smith

Editor: Adam Decker