Brackets Ep. 09: My Other Teacher Is Brown Sugar

With a combination of brand new Bracketologists with ones who have been with us from the start, a whole lot of hot takes are getting thrown around. For example, the term “Comic Sans” could have about five different interpretations. Also, if there is no risk of dying while playing laser tag then there’s no point. Oh. and for the love of God! Look me in the eyes when you come… into rooms that I am in!

‘Teaching an Old Frog New Tricks’ vs ‘Alan’s Beef’

‘Paula Abdul-Jabbar’ vs ‘The Dragon from Neverending Story’

‘Fornication Station’ vs ‘Parmesan Sheep’

Featuring: Miles Potter, Tim Lewis, Kevin Tognetti, Alex Goodman, and Zach Decker

Host/Editor: Adam Decker

Mixer: Jared Smith