Brackets Ep. 14: Four Blue Lads From Liverpool

Everyone knows the iconic foursome that changed music forever. You know, the British invasion guys. They were all bald and painted blue and they played the drums and caught marshmallows in their mouths. We’re thinking of the same group, right? Regardless, these blue guys are important, and their genetic makeup is discussed, along with socialist dogs, sexual communication, and fresh footwear in this episode of Brackets.

‘Bark for Socialism’ vs ‘Baby Body Builder’

‘Shark of the Covenant’ vs ‘Formal Crocs’

‘Home School Mascot’ vs ‘Air Horn’

Featuring: Kyle Tomlin, Nate Odenkirk, Kristi Durkin, Kerry Stevens, and Zach Decker

Host: Jared Smith

Mixer/Editor: Adam Decker

Brackets Ep. 13: Beetle Juicery, Beetle Juicery, Beetle Juicery

We think highly of our Bracketologists. We wouldn’t bring them into the studio to make these important decisions without the utmost confidence in their competency and intelligence. That being said, we can’t explain how these five people can’t piece together the plot of Beetlejuice! Regardless, grannies are idolized, syphilis is encouraged, and the role of pork is disputed in episode 13 of Brackets!

‘More Like The GRAPE Gatsby’ vs ‘Wham, Bam, Thank You Ham’

‘Syphil-YAS!’ vs ‘April Tools’

‘Alge-bruh’ vs ‘A Fuzzy Remote’

Featuring: Megan Gray, Liam Collier, Adam Levonian, Corinne Hastings, and Zach Decker

Host: Jared Smith

Mixer/Editor: Adam Decker

Brackets Ep. 12: Thotronto

Did you ever wonder what it would sound like when five people argue about how they picture an eating utensil in five vastly different ways? Well now your dreams can come true! When adding two brand new Bracketologists to the mix, gophers are adopted, sex positions are created, and beef is most certainly NOT reheated in this hot, no holds barred episode of Brackets.

‘April Juuls Day’ vs ‘Gopher Trophies’

‘Bro-ing Out of the Closet’ vs ‘Cold Beef’

‘I’ll Take “Popular Prisons” for 600’ vs ‘Toucan Samuel’

Featuring: Sam Otter, KJ Snyder, Sara Dirks, Stephen Mackey, and Zach Decker

Host/Editor: Adam Decker

Mixer: Jared Smith

Brackets Ep. 11: There's More Than One Way to Tease a Mouth

This may be our most in sync group of Bracketologists to date, but that doesn’t exempt the episode from Brackets’ signature twists and turns. We are still doing the important work of answering questions like “How do gophers fit into the economy?”, “What might compose a lime’s one man show?”, and “Why would Biddies even want titties?” Make way for this large and in charge episode of Brackets!

‘Bananagram Split’ vs ‘Gophers? In This Economy?’

‘Llama Lia’ vs ‘A Slutty Orange’

‘Lulu Lemoncello’ vs ‘Make Way For The Meat Wagon!’

Featuring: Jake Rosko, Jenny McPherson, Caroline Hale, Adam Decker, and Zach Decker

Host/Mixer: Jared Smith

Editor: Adam Decker

Brackets Ep. 10: Red Rover Red Rover Send Pop Right Over

Brackets is back at you with not only two brand new Bracketologists, but also a new format! Because we continually want to optimize the way in which we alienate Catholicism make weed jokes about environmental proposals.

‘The High Foot Five’ vs ‘The Way She Goes’

‘CT-AAAAYYYY’ vs ‘That One Toenail’

‘Hella Burnt Espresso’ vs ‘40 Days of Lent-il Soup’

Featuring: Audie Deinlein, Kylie Bruteman, Jared Smith, Corinne Florentino, and Zach Decker

Host/Mixer/Editor: Adam Decker

Brackets Ep. 09: My Other Teacher Is Brown Sugar

With a combination of brand new Bracketologists with ones who have been with us from the start, a whole lot of hot takes are getting thrown around. For example, the term “Comic Sans” could have about five different interpretations. Also, if there is no risk of dying while playing laser tag then there’s no point. Oh. and for the love of God! Look me in the eyes when you come… into rooms that I am in!

‘Teaching an Old Frog New Tricks’ vs ‘Alan’s Beef’

‘Paula Abdul-Jabbar’ vs ‘The Dragon from Neverending Story’

‘Fornication Station’ vs ‘Parmesan Sheep’

Featuring: Miles Potter, Tim Lewis, Kevin Tognetti, Alex Goodman, and Zach Decker

Host/Editor: Adam Decker

Mixer: Jared Smith

Brackets Ep. 08: Batlover

Something we can all agree on; when there is a bat in your walls, the only logical next step is to seduce it. But when deciding on what form a reptilian Supreme Court Justice will take, our Bracketologists may never come to a consensus.

‘Kinda True Crime Stories’ vs ‘Little Richard’s Little Richard’'

‘Fronch Vanilla’ vs ‘An Ass Full of Coffee’

‘Ruth “Gator” Ginsberg’ vs ‘No Chestnuts Here, I’m Afraid’

Featuring: Sam Otter, Jenny McPherson, Kristi Durkin, Stephen Mackey, and Zach Decker

Host: Jared Smith

Mixer/Editor: Adam Decker

Brackets Ep. 07: Pigeons Need Love Too

We’re all just looking for love in this crazy world, right? So it doesn’t matter if you’re a pigeon, a grandma, or the Son of Poseidon, the important thing to remember is that we need to work together to determine whether or not Frankie Muniz is better than a bunch of cherry tomatoes.

‘This Tuba Is Too Big For My Son’ vs ‘Cream Of The Crop’

‘Peppa Pig’s Surprise’ vs ‘Alien Life In A Hot Tub’

‘Sneezing In A Halloween Mask’ vs ‘Rum In A Can Of Baked Beans’

Featuring: Caroline Hale, Jenny McPherson, Kristi Durkin, Lilly Bolduc, and Zach Decker

Host/Editor: Adam Decker

Mixer: Jared Smith