Brackets Ep. 05: But What If We Were Dogs?

Is a deep deep cup of coffee plausible to drink from? Will the real Disney Slut please stand up? Can someone PLEASE just picture us all as dogs? Strong feelings about geese, vests, walnuts, and Cotton Eye Joe emerge with the clash of comedians in this weeks episode of Brackets!

The Goose is Cooked vs A Menagerie of Ass

Dogs Being Friends vs Full Head Gear Braces

Rent! The Movie vs Kids Age 7-14

Featuring: Sam Otter, Kristi Durkin, Stephen Mackey, Tim Lewis, and Zach Decker

Host/Editor: Adam Decker

Mixer: Jared Smith

Brackets Ep. 04: The Ever Growing Piglet

How looooong is the spoon is question? Is A Sexy Earthquake worth the risk? Will Piglet ever stop growing? These questions and more are hotly debated in this special (somewhat Thanksgiving themed) episode, featuring some of Brackets’ original players.

Sour Cream Shaving Cream vs A Dancing Zombie

An Actual Hand Turkey vs An Ecstatic Mummy

A Happy Hedgehog vs Piglet, But Really Tall

Featuring: Andrew Stewart, Daniel “Windmill” Miller, Abby Zielinski, David Vornholt, and Zach Decker

Host: Jared Smith

Mixer/Editor: Adam Decker

Brackets Ep. 03: Sex is Real, Santa is Not

Real life monsters? Dark secrets in childrens’ television programming? A surprise wedding?!?

With a new episode of Brackets always comes high tension and difficult decisions, and this episode is no different. Through the conflict, however, emerges fresh film ideas, love for our mothers, and a new power couple for the ages.

Jalapeno Puppets vs. My Mother at 28. Putting the Poo in Poodle vs. Bobbing for Lobsters. Timidly Dabbing vs. Tetris, But Gay.

Featuring: Alex Goodman, Kristen Alesia, Margaret Howe, Will Cruitt, and Zach Decker

Host: Jared Smith

Mixer/Editor: Adam Decker

Brackets Ep. 02: The Binch in the Human’s Suit

Featuring: Eve Hickey, Alex Goodman, Will Cruitt, Kevin Tognetti, Zach Decker

Host: Adam Decker

Edited/Mixed by: Jared Smith

Ruh-Roh: Brackets is BACK! While this episode isn’t necessarily Halloween-themed, it’s spooky in alllllllllll the right ways.

Betrayal! Boxed Wine! An incredible impression of Norville "Shaggy" Rogers!

So buckle up Binches, and brace yourself for the 2nd episode of Brackets!

Old Ladies vs. Party Clowns. Lotion vs. A Topless Bug. Oprah’s Book Club vs. Highlights: A Magazine for Kids.

Brackets Ep. 01: Please Apologize to My Pumpkin Friend

Welcome to Brackets: A comedy debate podcast that only seems sports related so we can attract that demographic. A 32-seed bracket is filled with nonsensical ideas, and a group of 5 comedians must fight amongst each other to decide which one is best.

A Poison Boot vs. a Hostess Cupcake? A Gourd against a Tight, Tight Hat? There’s no logical way of deciding which one is better, but blood, tears, and booze will be spilt in order to decide a winner. So tune in, and find out which piece of nonsense wins the inaugural episode of Brackets!

Featuring: Kevin Togenetti, Alex Goodman, Jenny McPhearson, Zach Decker, Jared Smith

Host: Adam Decker